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Delivering Successful Local Communities will be distributed by a series of live and recorded free to view webinars. Sign up today for the Transport Network newsletter to ensure you gain access to the video presentations.

The webinars are designed for those responsible for delivering communities, improving the quality of life for those who live and work there, and delivering infrastructure to help enable local growth as well as enhance prosperity and productivity.

The free to view webinars will be of benefit to:

  • Directors and or Assistant Directors of Communities, Environment, Infrastructure, Regeneration, Place and Commissioning, Health and Housing
  • Heads of Transport and Highways
  • Sub-regional transport bodies and those either in the public or private sector leading devolution bids and those involved with regional delivery
  • Those working in public health, housing and regeneration departments
  • Transport planners and designers and other specialist engineers and consultants
  • Heads of organisations involved in the delivery or management of local and/or regional communities.